Company Overview

What is PLP?  Simply put, Petroleum Listing Place is a new comprehensive online marketplace that provides sellers a place to offer for sale or lease their petroleum related assets.  We are not an advertising service, broker or auction but a sophisticated online platform that allows companies and individuals the ability to market their assets themselves and work directly with potential buyers to make the deal happen through negotiated transactions.  On Petroleum Listing Place, sellers and buyers work directly with one another through the whole process of the transaction including preliminary discussions, negotiations, due diligence and closing of the actual transaction.  There are eleven different categories of listings on Petroleum Listing Place so no matter what part of the petroleum industry you are in and whether you are a buyer, seller or both, there's something here for you.

For sellers, one of the biggest challenges to selling or leasing their assets themselves is feeling confident that they have exposed the assets to as many potential buyers as possible thereby increasing their odds of receiving an acceptable offer to sell or lease their asset and also increasing the likelihood of maximizing their sale or lease proceeds.  For buyers, one of the biggest challenges is finding enough opportunities. Petroleum Listing Place solves these challenges by using its extensive buyer network to bring the two parties together.  By utilizing an online searchable database featuring eleven different categories of listings, Petroleum Listing Place is able to meet your buying and selling needs.

The eleven categories of listings that you'll find on Petroleum Listing Place are:

  • Oil & Gas Properties for Sale
  • Minerals for Sale
  • Minerals for Lease
  • Oil & Gas Prospects for Sale
  • Leasehold for Sale
  • Proposed Wells for Sale
  • Saltwater Disposal Wells for Sale
  • Saltwater Disposal Well Prospects for Sale
  • Midstream Assets for Sale
  • Businesses for Sale
  • Equipment for Sale

Sellers decide which category of listing is applicable to the asset they are wanting to sell or lease and then create and post their own listings on their own time frame utilizing the provided listing templates.  Sellers also upload the necessary support documentation relating to their listing into the website's electronic virtual data room to enable potential buyers to review supporting documentation pertaining to the seller's listing.  Anytime a seller posts a new listing or updates an existing listing, the information is immediately available for viewing by registered buyers.

Registered buyers are able to search and filter the various seller listings in the different categories to enable them to hone in on the ones they are interested in reviewing.  Registered buyers can also download all the information relating to a seller's listing including the detailed listing information, support documentation provided by the seller and the seller contact information.  Additionally, registered buyers receive a single daily e-mail notifying them of any newly posted listings meeting their acquisition criteria as selected in their "My Profile".

Not convinced yet?  See our detailed pages for "How Does It Work For Sellers?" and "How Does It Work For Buyers?" for more information. 

It’s simple.  It’s convenient.  It works.

Sign up today as a buyer and/or seller and take part in this exciting comprehensive marketplace for petroleum related assets.  You'll be glad you did.