How Does it Work?

Signing up as a registered seller and creating listings on Petroleum Listing Place is easy.  Simply go to “I want to be a Seller” and complete the seller sign up information and electronically execute the seller user agreement.  You’ll then be able to log in as a registered seller and immediately be able to start creating listings.  It is free to list your properties on Petroleum Listing Place and you only pay a nominal success based commission fee of one percent (1%) of the total purchase price paid by a buyer or one hundred dollars ($100), whichever is greater, when you sell or lease your listing.  If you are unsuccessful in selling or leasing your listing, you pay nothing.  See the Seller User Agreement for complete details regarding commission fees that may be owed to Petroleum Listing Place.

As a registered seller, during the listing creation process you will have the option of making the listing “private”.  Private listings are typically reserved for those cases in which confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements are required to be executed by both parties before a buyer can review the seller’s supporting documents.  Unless you designate the listing as “private”, all supporting documents provided by you will be considered “public” and are immediately available for review by all registered buyers.

Following is a list of the eleven categories of listings on Petroleum Listing Place.  A complete description of the listing categories can be found in our FAQs section.

  • Oil & Gas Properties for Sale
  • Minerals for Sale
  • Minerals for Lease
  • Oil & Gas Prospects for Sale
  • Leasehold for Sale
  • Proposed Wells for Sale
  • Saltwater Disposal Wells for Sale
  • Saltwater Disposal Wells Prospects for Sale
  • Midstream Assets for Sale
  • Businesses for Sale
  • Equipment for Sale

Registered buyers have access to all information relating to the eleven categories of listings on Petroleum Listing Place including the detailed listing information, support documentation provided by the sellers for their respective listings and the seller contact information.  If a listing has been designated by the seller as “private” then certain confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements may have to be signed by the buyer before they can access the seller’s supporting documents.  Registered buyers also receive a single daily e-mail notifying them of any newly posted listings meeting their acquisition criteria as selected in their "My Profile".  Anytime a seller posts a new listing or updates an existing listing, the information is immediately available for viewing by registered buyers.

Unregistered buyers are able to view limited key information relating to all eleven categories of listings to allow them to determine if they want to sign up as a registered buyer and view more detailed information about each listing.

Still have questions about becoming a registered seller?  Go to our Contact Us page and give us a call or send us an e-mail.  We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about this exciting comprehensive marketplace for petroleum related assets.